Skills and Experience

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Skills and Experience


  • Fluent or native in: Lithuanian, English and Latvian
  • Additionally can swear you off in: Estonian, Polish and Russian
  • Alumni of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)
  • Studied as an Aircraft Pilot, former CPL, ATPL(F) licence holder.
  • Master’s Degree in Transport Engineering from VGTU
  • Former member and coordinator of Marketing Comittee at VGTU Students’ Representation at Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute
  • Former freelance translator between Lithuanian, Latvian and English
  • Former Chief Organizer for Lithuanian Downhill Cup races
  • Former Marketing and Content Manager at Green Garage Vilnius Makerspace
  • Former CMO at Millo Appliances (key role at Kickstarter campaign marketing)
  • Former Robotics Engineer at MIO Technologies (a mobile vending machine, mainly worked on early prototypes and design and production of the robot base)


Currently working on THIS and SOME OTHER PROJECTS and can help you in ALL OF THESE AREAS.


Feel free to stalk me on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Or write me here.


Despite the fact that I’m unreasonably curious about new ideas and tech be advised that any generalized clickbait, spam and lazy effort will rot in the spam bin somewhere.

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